Private Art Collections and Design Consulting

One thing leads to another. I have organically developed a word-of mouth design consulting business within a network of people I have helped over the years to buy and hang art. My interior design services range from curating private art collections, to helping arrange new living spaces, selecting furniture and accessories, to overseeing all aspects of interior design, and even to coordinating movers and painters during a homeowner’s absence to prepare the home for arrival.

A Heady Start to a Future of Curating Art

After graduating art school, and achieving some success in selling my own paintings, I worked at several well-known 57th Street galleries in New York City. The experience gave me a top-level view of how successful galleries develop and retain key clients, and how important it is to make everyone feel part of a special community. This was an exciting time to be a young artist, working with wonderful mentors, learning how things get done behind and in front of the scene, and seeing how art can bring so much aliveness and joy to people–to the artists, to the patrons, and to me!

Then, from 1995 to 1997, I had the honor being the Personal Assistant to Helen Frankenthaler. This was an exceptional opportunity to work intimately with a critically acclaimed artist at the end of a distinguished career. I attended Ms. Frankenthaler at social and professional events, maintained her privacy and helped keep her professional life running smoothly while handling correspondence and organizing a vast archive of biographical material.

The earlier gallery experience included the Marlborough Gallery in the early 90s, a heady time for art sales. I helped organize openings and private receptions for artists and international clientele. At Midtown Galleries I handled correspondence with museums and private collectors, maintained records and provenance of art inventory, and helped produce exhibition catalogs; at the Joan Whitney Payson Museum in Portland, Maine, my curatorial activities included exhibition installations and photographic documentation, and some hands-on experience in printmaking at the Maine Printmaking Workshop (serigraph, intaglio, lithography, etc), plus an introduction to direct sales were invaluable early training.